The F2911EVBI is a fully populated evaluation board which allows the customer to easily evaluate the F2911 RF switch. 

“Thru” calibration connectors are conveniently located on the evaluation board to simplify the calibration process prior to making any RF measurements. The RF through measurement (RF1 to RF2) can be made by applying the correct control logic voltage to the V1 control pin as outlined in the F2911 datasheet. DC power, ground and V1 control voltages are applied to the pin header. A bypass capacitor has been added to the evaluation board to achieve best performance from 1MHz to 3500MHz, as described in the applications circuit section of the datasheet.


  • RF connectors for RF1 and RF2
  • The F2911 evaluation board kit has a number of control features available
    • Refer to the evaluation board kit application circuit , evaluation board kit picture and applications information in the F2911 datasheet to properly connect to and control the evaluation board features
    • All bias and logic controls are applied to the appropriate pins of the pin header located on the evaluation board
  • “Thru” port connectors are located on the evaluation board for easy calibration prior to making RF measurements


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