The F0424 is a 600MHz to 5000MHz SiGe high-gain broadband RF amplifier. The combination of low noise figure (NF) and high linearity performance allows the device to be used in both receiver and transmitter applications.
The F0424 is designed to operate with a single 5V or 3.3V power supply using a nominal 70mA of ICC. With a supply voltage of 5V, the F0424 provides 17.3dB gain with +40dBm OIP3 and 2.3dB noise figure at 2600MHz.
This device is packaged in a 2 × 2 mm, 8-DFN with 50Ω single-ended RF input and output impedances for ease of integration into the signal-path.


  • RF range: 600MHz to 5000MHz
  • Noise figure = 2.3dB at 2600MHz
  • Gain = 17.3dB at 2600MHz
  • OIP3 = +40dBm at 2600MHz
  • Output P1dB = +21dBm at 2600MHz
  • Near-constant gain versus temperature
  • 3.3V or 5V power supply
  • ICC = 70mA
  • 2mA standby current
  • 350mW typical DC power at 5V supply
  • 50Ω input and output impedances
  • Operating temperature (TEP) range: -40°C to +105°C
  • 2 × 2 mm, 8-DFN package


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Datasheets & Errata
star F0424 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2.32 MB
User Guides & Manuals
RF Product Selection Guide Guide PDF 1015 KB
PCN# : PCN200011 Add Carsem, Malaysia as Alternate Test Location Product Change Notice PDF 101 KB
PCN# : TB1904-04 Add Giga Solution Taiwan as Alternate Test Location, F0424NTGK(8) Product Change Notice PDF 256 KB
RF Amplifiers with Zero-Distortion Technology Product Brief PDF 981 KB

memoryBoards & Kits

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F0424EVBK Evaluation Board for F0424 Broadband RF Amplifier 600MHz to 4200MHz Evaluation Renesas