The iW3827 integrates a 650V power MOSFET with an advanced digital controller and offers configurable maximum and minimum switching frequencies to provide design flexibility in high PF solid-state lighting (SSL) constant voltage applications up to 8W. It supports the most common single-stage isolated and non-isolated configurations (buck, buck-boost or flyback) to create a front-end power supply for smart lighting applications. The iW3827 uses advanced, proprietary digital control technology to enable high power factor (PF >0.9) and low THD (<20%).

The iW3827 offers configurable maximum PWM switching frequency to allow optimization between size and efficiency and configurable minimum PFM switching frequency to optimize between transient performance and low no-load power consumption. The unique digital control technology accommodates large output capacitor variations while enabling fast transient response to keep the transient output voltage within 10% of its nominal level.


  • Up to 8W Output Power with Integrated 650V power MOSFET
  • Supports Isolated or Non-Isolated Flyback, Buck or Buck-Boost Topologies
  • High PF (>0.9) and Low THD (<20%) Over Wide Load Range
  • PrimAccurate™ Primary-Side Control Achieves Tight Load and Line Accuracy (±3%)
  • Adaptive Output Voltage Transient Detection
    • Keeps Output Overshoot and Undershoot <10% for Most Dynamic Load Transitions
  • Configurable PFM Minimum Switching Frequency
    • Enables Low No-Load Standby Power Consumption (<200mW)
  • Configurable PWM Maximum Switching Frequency
    • Optimizes for High Efficiency, Small Size
  • Active Start-Up – Reduces Turn-On Time without Increasing Stand-By Power
  • Fully Protected
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Overvoltage, Overcurrent and Over-Load Protection
    • Brown-Out Protection




  • GU10, Candle, T8, Smart LED Lighting
  • Front-End Pre-Regulation


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