The iW3636 single-stage LED driver is a dimmable digital offline PWM controller for solid-state lighting applications up to 90W with high power factor (PF >0.9) and low THD (<20%). The device offers a dedicated PWM dimming input, which allows the iW3636 to work with a wide range of dimming interfaces including wireless modules, MCUs and 0-10V interfaces. A unique feature internal to the iW3636 compensates for non-linear optocoupler delays for isolated dimming applications. And, the iW3636 has a full 1% to 100% dimming range, with the minimum dimming setting configurable to dim-to-off, 1%, 5% or 10%.

The iW3636 can be paired with Renesas' iW339 3-in-1 dimming interface controller, which integrates the current source and optocoupler driver to provide a low BOM cost, simple solution for dimmable commercial T8, external and fixture driver lighting applications, including wireless and intelligent LED lighting.


  • Single-Stage for Reduced BOM Cost
  • 90W Output Power Capable
  • Universal Input Voltage – 90VAC to 305VAC
  • Supports Multiple PWM Dimming Interfaces
    • Wireless Dimming, MCUs, 0-10V
    • Works with iW339 for Isolated 0-10V Dimming
  • 1% to 100% Dimming Range
  • Configurable Minimum Dimming Setting
    • Dim-to-off; 1%; 5%; 10%
  • Non-linear optocoupler delay compensation for dimming applications
  • High PF (>0.9) and Low THD (<20%) Over Broad Load Range
  • Active Start-Up – Enables Fastest Possible Start-up
  • Fully Protected
    • Input Undervoltage Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection (Built-in or External NTC)
    • Output Overvoltage, Overcurrent and Overload Protection
    • Brown-Out Protection




  • 0-10V Dimmable LED Drivers up to 90W
  • Wireless SSL Systems
  • Commercial Lighting


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