The iW3616 two-stage solid-state lighting (SSL) LED driver combines high power factor (PF >0.95), low THD (<15%) and low output ripple (<20%) for residential and commercial dimmable retrofit LED luminaires up to 12W. By using a bipolar junction transistor (BJT) power device, reducing component count for the protection circuits, and using lower-cost electrolytic capacitors, the iW3616 enables a very low overall BOM cost.

The iW3616 is compatible with the IEC 61000-3-2 specification for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the Zhaga hot-plug standard, and incorporates mapping options that fall within the NEMA SSL 6 dimming curves. It also uses Renesas' patented, intelligent digital dimming to automatically detect the dimmer type and phase, enabling broad compatibility with analog and digital dimmers. Renesas' unique over-temperature protection (OTP) derating circuit monitors an external NTC resistor; reduces the output drive to the LEDs in small, virtually imperceptible increments; then restores brightness as the temperature falls. This prevents exceeding the temperature rating of the electrolytic capacitors and helps ensure a predictable, safer bulb operating life.


  • High PF (>0.95) and Low THD (<15%)
  • PrimAccurate™ - Isolated Off-Line AC/DC Controller
  • Integrates Renesas' Flickerless™ Technology
    • Removes Virtually All LED Flicker
  • Ideal for 12W Off-Line Solid-State Lighting Applications
  • 45Hz to 66Hz Line Frequency Range - 50Hz/60Hz Compatible
  • Broad Range of Dimmer Capability
    • Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Digital Dimmers and Occupancy Sensors and Timers
    • Automatic Detection of Dimmer Type and Phase
    • 1% to 100% Wide Dimming Range
    • Automatically Detects and Operates without Dimmer
  • Quasi-resonant Mode for Optimal Efficiency
  • 200kHz PWM Switching Frequency
  • Compatible with SSL Industry Standards
    • Zhaga Hot-Plug Standard
      • NEMA SSL 6 Dimming Standard for Incandescent Replacement
  • Fully Protected
    • Works from DC Voltage Emergency Back-Up System
    • NTC-based Temperature Derating Circuit
    • Overvoltage/Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Overvoltage, Overcurrent and Short Circuit
    • Open LED Fault Detection
    • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection




  • Dimmable Retrofit Lamps up to 12W
  • Dimmable LED Ballasts and Luminaires up to 12W


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