The RAA241200 battery fuel gauge and management device is used to accomplish various battery protection and management functions. This device incorporates advanced battery management features such as primary and secondary protection, voltage and current measurement, current integration, and host communication interface. Through user-programmable control firmware and configuration data stored in the onboard MCU’s embedded flash memory, the embedded analog and digital hardware circuits offer optimum battery management operations including high accuracy remaining capacity estimation, and battery safety.


  • Fully integrated battery management solution with battery capacity measurement and programmable protection capability
  • Supports single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery cell
  • Integrated with Renesas' ultra-low power RL78 CPU core for multi-function process.
  • Memory
    Code flash memory: 64KB
    Data flash memory (up to 100,000 erase/write cycles): 4KB
    SRAM: 4KB
  • Clock generator
    High-speed on-chip oscillator: up to 8MHz
    Low-speed on-chip oscillator: 15kHz
    AFE high-speed on-chip oscillator: 2.097MHz
    AFE low-speed on-chip oscillator: 131.072kHz
  • General-purpose I/O ports
    Total: 7 pins
    CMOS input/output: 3, CMOS input: 1
    N-Ch open-drain input/output [6V tolerance]: 3
  • Serial interface
    I2C: 1 channel
    UART: 1 channel
    Simplified I2C: 1 channel
  • Timer
    16-bit timer: 4 channels
    12-bit interval timer: 1 channel
    Real-time clock: 1 channel
    Watchdog timer: 1 channel
    AFE timer: 2 channels
      AFE timer A: Setting range: 125ms to 64s
      AFE timer B: Setting range: 61µs to 2s
  • Embedded A/D converter
    AFE 18-bit resolution sigma-delta A/D converter
      Automatic measurement mode
      Battery cell voltage, internal voltage, and temperature (AN port voltage) detection function without controlling from firmware
  • Current integration circuit
    18-bit resolution sigma-delta A/D converter
  • Impedance measurement circuit
    Simultaneous measurement of battery voltage and current
  • Overcurrent detection/wake-up current detection circuit
    Discharge short-circuit current detection
    Charge overcurrent detection
    Discharge overcurrent detection
    Charge wakeup current detection
    Discharge wakeup current detection
  • Cell voltage detection circuit
    Overvoltage detection
    Undervoltage detection
  • Charge and discharge MOSFET control
    Supports low-side N-Ch MOSFET control
  • Charger connect detection circuit
    Designated charger detection pin when charge FET is off
  • Ultra-low power consumption
    Shutdown mode current: 0.1µA (typ.)
    Sleep mode 1 current: 10µA (typ.) (protection enable)
    Normal mode current: 2mA (typ.) (protection and gauging enable, MCU always on)
    Average current under typical operating conditions: 80µA (typ.)
    (protection and gauging enable)
  • Voltage and temperature condition
    Power supply voltage: VDD = 2.0V to 5.5V
    Operating ambient temperature TA = -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Package information
    16-pin WLBGA
    ([Body] 1.871mm x 2.478mm (TYP.) , 0.5mm pitch)




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