This is the development kit for CPU modules equipped with Renesas’ RZ/G1E-PF CPU.

iWave Japan Co., Ltd., an embedded product and solution provider, has begun offering a System-On-Module (SOM) equipped with the RZ/G1E, the latest microprocessor (MPU) from Renesas Electronics Corporation. This new SOM is an addition to the company’s RZ/G-based SOM road map following its earlier release of the RZ/G1M and RZ/G1N (dual core Arm® Cortex® A15) SOM-based modules.

This SOM is based on Renesas’ RZ/G1E MPU (dual core 1-GHz Arm® Cortex®-A7). The RZ/G1E module features 1080p HD video encoding/decoding, 3D graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, and two-channel video input. With a compact 67.6 mm x 37 mm SODIMM form factor, the RZ/G1E SOM supports a 512-MB DDR3 RAM, expandable up to 2 GB, and a 4-GB eMMC flash that is also expandable. It supports an industrial operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C and comes with Linux 3.10.31 BSP support. For quick prototyping and fast time to market, the provided development kit includes the SOM and a 100 mm x 72 mm Pico ITX form factor carrier board. The carrier board supports mass production in combination with the SOM, and is equipped with various connectors to enable evaluation of all the RZ/G1E MPU’s features.

We offer a wide range of design support and software development services based on the hardware and software in this development kit. Please contact us for details.

*The standard configuration of the development kit is as below.(For non-standard configuration, please contact iWave.)

RZ/G1E-PF dev kit (Standard Version)
Gigabit Ether + Camera Interface

RZ/G1E-PF dev kit(Dual Ether Version)
Gigabit Ether + 10/100 Ether
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