Updated: Aug. 9, 2022

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Product Overview

Linux Packages for MPUs of the RZ/G2L Group. Please read the release note before using this product.


  • Linux Kernel
  • Device Driver

[Target Reference Boards]

RZG2L Evaluation Board Kit


Apr 9, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.0
Jul 30, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.1
Aug 20, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.1update1
Sep 30, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.3
Nov 19, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.3update1
Dev 15, 2021: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.3 update2
Feb 28, 2022: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.4
Aug 9, 2022: 4.19-CIP version BSP V1.4 additional package


Please use the latest Verified Linux Package (VLP) and related packages for the software package used as a set with EVK. The download links for BSP and BSP related packages will not be displayed on the WEB at the end of August.


This product is open source software. It is provided “AS IS” with no warranty and the license is described in the source code. Please check the contents of the license, and carefully consider the applicability of this software to your product.

Target Devices