As a CPU board usable in connection with the on-chip debugging emulator E2, E2 Lite, E1(discontinued product), this product achieves simple and easy evaluation of the target MCU.

Information on the discontinuation of E1 emulator production

We have already discontinued production of the E1 emulator due to components of the product having reached their EOL (end of life, i.e. end of production). Please click on the following link to confirm the details and our successor products.

>> Tool News: [Notification] End of Life (EOL) Notice for E1 Emulator (PDF | English, 日本語)


  • Incorporates RL78/G10 (R5F10Y16).
  • Equipped with universal area (2.54 mm pitch).
  • Supports both flash memory programming and on-chip debugging (using TOOL0 pin).
  • Highly extendable; peripheral board connectors are equipped with microcontroller pins.
  • It can be used as a DIP conversion board of 2.54mm pitch by cutting off a board.
  • Lead-free (Pb-free) product.

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
RL78/G10 Target Board QB-R5F10Y16-TB User's Manual Manual PDF 1.21 MB