RE MCU Development Procedure

How to Use RE Family Microcontroller (PDF | English, 日本語)

Online Training

Learn about the RE Family MCU in a short time.

Training Link
Online Training RE Family Course on Renesas Academy

Development Tools

Use the latest version of each development tool.

  IAR Systems Renesas SEGGER
Integrated IAR Embedded Workbench® Arm*1 Patch file for RE01B e2studio | Tutorial Video Embedded Studio for ARM
Compiler IAR C/C++ Compiler for Arm GNU C/C++ Compiler*2 GNU C/C++ Compiler*2
Emulator SEGGER J-Link/J-Link OB (J-Link software and documentation pack)
SEGGER J-Link/J-Link OB (J-Link software and documentation pack)
Renesas E2/E2 Lite*3
SEGGER J-Link/J-Link OB (J-Link software and documentation pack)

*1. RE01B: Apply the patch file to EWARM. Download patch file here: RE01B Group IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm patch setup guide Application Note Rev.1.01 - Sample Code (ZIP | English, 日本語)
*2. Download Version 6-2017-q2-update (selectable during e2 studio installation)
*3. A user interface cable (20-20 pin) is required for connection to E2 Lite. The cable is not included in E2 Lite, so please purchase it separately.

Flash Programmers

Prepare a set of hardware, software, and optional products sold separately (combinations of the vertical columns in the table below).

  Renesas SEGGER
Hardware PG-FP6 E2*4 - J-link Flasher
Software FP6 Terminal Renesas Flash Programmer Renesas Flash Programmer J-Flash J-Flash
Mandatory optional products (sold separately) 20-Pin Conversion Adapter for the PG-FP6 - - - -

*4. E2 Lite is not supported.

Supported Tool Versions

  RE01 RE01B Smart Configurator
1500KB 256KB 1500KB/256KB
IAR Embedded Workbench® Arm 8.40.2 or later 8.50.6 or later 9.10.2 or later -
e2 studio 2020-07 or later 2020-07 or later 2021-01 or later 2021-07 or later
SEGGER J-Link/ J-Link OB, J-Flash
(J-Link software and documentation pack)
V6.82.b or later V6.82.b or later V6.87.b or later V6.82.b or later


Software Description
RE Software Development Kit Two types of sample code are available for the RE Family: "sample code with Software Development Kit" and "low level sample code without Software Development Kit".
Trusted Secure IP Security driver for strong protection
Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack for the RE Family To use the Bluetooth feature, a protocol stack conforming to the Bluetooth specification is required.


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RE Tutorial: How to Debug with e2 studio

In this video, we will show you the steps required to debug with the RE Family using e2 studio.  
STEP1: Installation of e2 studio
STEP2: Project import
    All RE family can be imported by the same procedure, even "CMSIS driver package RE01 256KB" is used in this video.
STEP3: Debug configuration
STEP4: Debug