The industrial CAN sensor network is a proof of concept featuring a main monitoring board and several daughter boards with temperature and humidity, airflow, and air quality sensors. The sensor boards utilize the RA2L1 microcontroller for its small form factor and Arm® Cortex®-M23 processor with a built-in CAN module and are powered by a 700V AC/DC buck regulator with high performance and robustness. The regulator has no audible noise and low EMI with continuous PFM and low peak current. Sensor boards utilize isolated transceivers to maintain safety between the sensor side and the monitor. This complete design provides an easy starting point for prototyping CAN networks.


  • CAN network with isolated transceivers provides a robust communication interface
  • No audible noise and low EMI from sensor daughter cards
  • Three different sensors to choose from: indoor air quality, airflow, and temperature and humidity



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This solution shows the RA2L1 MCU's CAN capability using an isolated RS-485 transceiver to give connection, encryption, and decryption between multiple boards and sensors.