SensiML Analytics Toolkit is a comprehensive, end-to-end workflow for developing production-grade AI//ML models for the IoT edge for RA family of MCUs. The tool suite covers full pipeline development including MLOps dataset management, AutoML model optimization, firmware code generation, and test.


  • Full MLOps dataset management (multiuser teams, version control, full annotation)
  • Best-in-class code optimization (ML models as small as 10kB)
  • AutoML model generation (no data science expertise required)
  • GUI-based development (no coding/scripting required to generate working AI model code)
  • Comprehensive test/validation with bit-exact hardware emulation and on-device test/logging



  • Industrial IoT Sensing
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Anomaly detection
    • Process monitoring
  • Smart Home and Wearables
    • Smart appliances
    • Fitness wearables
    • Home security
  • Smart Building
    • Lighting control
    • Smart occupancy sensors
    • Predictive maintenance


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