Embedded USB stacks from HCC are mature, widely-used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration. The USB suite includes solutions not only for common functions like HID, hub, and mass storage but also for more sophisticated requirements including isochronous, composite devices, and interfaces to file systems and Ethernet. This means developers can exploit USB to its full capability easily, without having to worry about developing highly specialized drivers on Renesas RA MCUs.

HCC provides support for USB device and host class drivers, device and host controllers, USB On-the-Go (OTG), and mass storage. Additional driver support is added continuously, check the actual offering on our website.



  • Interface speeds include Low (1.5Mbs), Full (12Mbs), and High Speed (480Mbps)
  • Transfer types include Control, Interrupt, Bulk, and Isochronous
  • Integrates easily with any RTOS, can work without RTOS
  • Supports multiple devices connected simultaneously
  • Uses a system of callbacks for user-specified events
  • Audio/Audio 2.0, MTP, Midi
  • CDC-ACM (serial over USB)
  • CDC-ECM, CDC-EEM, CDC-NCM, RNDIS (Ethernet over USB)
  • HID, mass storage, printer




  • IoT devices
  • Mass storage devices
  • HID machine
  • Industrial equipment
  • Data logger
  • Measuring equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Barcode reader


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