The µ-velOSity™ RTOS is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems. The RTOS supports a wide range of MCUs and is certified to the highest industry standards for functional safety and security. Its small footprint, intuitive interface, and maximum performance enables developers to build reliable software at a lower cost with faster time-to-market. µ-velOSity RTOS solutions exist for the RA family of MCUs and RZ family of MPUs.



  • Certified for IEC 61508 SIL3, EN 50128 & 50657 SIL4, ISO 26262 ASIL D and more
  • Native support for the latest revisions of C and C++
  • Sophisticated functionality in a small memory footprint
    • Multi-tasking functionality
    • Hardware abstraction
    • Resource allocation and management
    • Priority-based, preemptive scheduler
    • MPU support for safe and secure application separation




  • Automotive
  • Industrial IoT
  • Medical
  • Radar
  • Safety islands/Safety checkers
  • Battery management systems
  • Vision and camera systems
  • PLC
  • Simple HMI
  • Sensor hubs
  • I/O controllers


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