The R1RW0408D is a 4-Mbit High-Speed static RAM organized 512-kword × 8-bit. It has realized High-Speed access time by employing CMOS process (6-transistor memory cell) and High-Speed circuit designing technology. It is most appropriate for the application which requires High-Speed, high density memory and wide bit width configuration, such as cache and buffer memory in system. The R1RW0408D is packaged in 400-mil 36-pin SOJ for high density surface mounting.


  • Single supply: 3.3 V ± 0.3 V
  • Access time: 10 ns /12 ns (max)
  • Completely static memory: No clock or timing strobe required
  • Equal access and cycle times
  • Directly TTL compatible: All inputs and outputs
  • Operating current: 115mA/ 100mA (max)
  • TTL standby current: 40 mA (max)
  • CMOS standby current: 5 mA (max), 0.8 mA (max) (L-version)
  • Data retention current: 0.4 mA (max) (L-version)
  • Data retention voltage: 2 V (min) (L-version)
  • Center VCC and VSS type pin out




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