The AT25EU0021A is the lowest energy member of our System Enhancing class of code and data storage solutions designed for all system memory tasks including boot/code shadowing and small byte load updates. It is universally compatible and combines low power with faster Read performance to save more than 70% energy.


  • Universally compatible pin out and command set
  • 60x faster Erase operation
  • Optimized for fast Read and lowest energy usage.
  • Low Sleep power for bootloader tasks
  • Continuous read, wrap and burst modes for XiP
  • Standard block architecture with added 256-byte page erase for energy efficient Data Logging
  • Eliminate MCU poling and reduce overhead with auto-alert Active Interrupt




  • Small coin cell applications
    • Low-power Read
    • Low-energy Fast Erase
  • Boot/Code shadow memory
    • Fast low-power Read
    • 100nA Deep Power Down
  • Simple event/data logging applications
    • Fast Erase
    • Page Erase
    • Low-energy Erase and Program


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