The 89HP0504PB (QFN-2) Repeater Cabling Evaluation Kit is a set of 2-boards designed to allow testing of PCIe2 cabled and mux/demux applications.  There is a host interface board and endpoint interface board which can be connected via cable.

The host side board is installed into a DT PC, workstation or server.  Using the Repeaters mux/demux function, one PCIe lane can be routed to either the PCIe cable connector, or to a PCIe slot connector.

The endpoint side board also uses the Repeaters mux/demux feature to route the PCIe cable connection to either a 1-lane PCIe slot, or to a set of SMA connectors for attaching a lab instrument. 

A 1-lane adapter card such as Ethernet or USB3 can be plugged into the PCIe slot of either card, as determined by the muxing modes.  Both boards use simple switch configuration of the Repeaters equalization and transmitter parameters to enable very easy testing.

A 4-lane, PCIe standard Molex iPass PCIe cable is needed for the cable connections.  Only 1-lane is actively used.  Note that Renesas does not include cables with this kit, which the user must provide at a length suitable for the application tests.


  • Uses one 89HP0504PBZBNRG PCIe2 Repeater on each board
  • Includes one, 1-lane PCIe host-cable adapter card, with mux capability to cable connector or PCIe slot
  • Includes one, 1-lane PCIe cable-endpoint interface card, with mux capability to PCIe slot or SMA connectors
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches
  • Independent upstream and down-stream repeater configuration and optimization
  • Multiple power connection options
  • Card formats: host: 4.6” x 4.6; endpoint: 3.4” x 4.7” .  Note non-standard form factors
  • Works with passive trace cards to extend FR4 traces
  • Note that cables are NOT included



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