The 89HP0504PB (QFN) Repeater Evaluation Board is designed to enable quick in-system testing of Renesas’s 4-channel, 5Gbps, PCIe 2.1 Repeater IC product.

This board features a full 16-lane connection from a host through the repeaters to an end-point device installed in the PCIe slot. Any width adapter card, from a 1-lane SATA card to a 16-lane graphics accelerator, can be plugged into the top-edge PCIe slot.

This board provides simple switch configuration of the repeaters.  The Repeaters receiver equalizer and transmitter can be adjusted for a limited set of options enabling very easy testing.

The 89HP0504PB (QFN) Repeater Evaluation Board is used by inserting it into a desktop PC or server, and then plugging an end point card (SATA, Ethernet, USB3, etc.) into the 16-lane slot on top. Passive trace cards can be used to extend the data signal to emulate a planned system design. Note that the resulting card stack will require an open chassis test environment.


  • Contains eight 89HP0504PBZBNRG PCIe2 Repeaters that compensate for PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter
  • 16-lane PCIe adapter card with full PCIe protocol support
  • Configurable via DIP switches
  • Independent upstream and down-stream configuration
  • Multiple power connection options
  • Card format: 7.5” x 4.75”, non-standard size. Use requires an open chassis
  • Works with passive trace cards to extend FR4 traces



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