The 89HP0602Q Repeater USB3 Evaluation Board is designed to enable quick in-system testing of IDT’s 2-channel, 6Gbps Repeater IC product for USB3 applications.
This board provides a 1-lane connection from a USB3 host through the Repeater to an HDD, SSD or other USB3 device.   This Evaluation Board is powered from the USB host port.  It is connected via two USB3 cables to a host controller and storage device.
The 89HP0602Q Repeater uses pin-strap  configuration, and this Evaluation Board implements a three-position DIP switch for simple setting of receiver equalization and transmitter swing and emphasis.  Each of the 2-channels is independently configured via the switches.


  • Contains one 89HP0602QZBNLG Repeater that compensates for PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter
  • 1-lane USB3 interface card with full protocol support
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches
  • Independent upstream and down-stream Repeater configuration and optimization
  • Multiple power connection options
  • Card format: 2.375” x 3.0”



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