These Renesas devices are ±16. 5kV IEC61000-4-2 ESD protected, 3. 0V to 5. 5V powered, quad receivers for balanced communication using the RS-485 and RS-422 standards. Each receiver has low input currents (±200μA), so it presents a 1/4 unit load to the RS-485 bus and allows up to 128 receivers on the bus. The ISL32173E and ISL32177E are high data rate receivers that operate at data rates up to 80Mbps. Their 8ns maximum propagation delay skew (tolerance) ensures excellent part-to-part matching. The ISL32273E, ISL32275E, and ISL32277E are reduced supply current versions that operate at data rates up to 20Mbps. The receiver outputs are tri-statable and incorporate a hot plug feature to keep them disabled during power-up and power-down. Versions are available with a common EN/EN (ISL32173E pinout) or a versatile individual channel enable (see Table 1). A 26% smaller footprint is available with the ISL32177E and ISL32277E QFN packages and these two devices also feature a logic supply pin (VL). The VL supply sets the switching points of the enable inputs and the receiver outputs’ VOH, to levels compatible with a lower supply voltage in mixed voltage systems. Individual channel and group enable pins increase the flexibility of the ISL32177E and ISL32277E.


  • IEC61000 ESD protection (RS-485 inputs): 16.5kV
    • Class 3 ESD on all other pins: 8kV HBM
  • Wide supply range: 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Wide common-mode range: -7V to +12V
  • Low part-to-part propagation delay tolerance (ISL3217xE): 8ns (max)
  • Specified for +125°C operation
  • Fail-safe open Rx inputs
  • 1/4 unit load allows 128 devices on the bus
  • Available in industry standard pinouts (ISL32173E) and a 4x4 QFN (ISL32x77E) with added features
  • Logic supply pin (VL) eases operation in mixed supply systems (ISL32x77E)
  • High data rates: up to 80Mbps or 20Mbps
  • Low shutdown supply current: 60μA
  • Tri-statable Rx outputs
  • 5V tolerant logic inputs when VCC = 3.3V




  • Telecom Equipment
  • Motor Controllers/Encoders
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Industrial/Process Control Networks


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