GR-LYCHEE is an IoT prototyping board with a camera and wireless capability (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)). It is the Gadget Renesas reference board for the Renesas RZ/A1LU group of microprocessors (MPUs). GR-LYCHEE is pin-compatible with Arduino UNO and Arm® MbedTM enabled development platforms. You can also sketch like Arduino with the Renesas web compiler and IDE for GR.




Equipped with an Arm Cortex-A RZ/A1LU (R7S721030VCFP). Various Arduino shields can be mounted, but 3.3V I/F. The camera is attached as standard. Arduino shield connector, USB host interface connector is not mounted, parts are attached in -FULL version.


GR-LYCHEE (Backside)

On the backside are a camera interface, an SD socket and a general-purpose LCD expansion connector is mounted.


GR-LYCHEE Key Features

  • Enables getting a VGA (640 x 480) image with attached camera. When transferring with USB CDC, a transfer rate of 60fps can be realized.
  • OpenCV v3.2 is applied and various SDKs are provided. Computer vision can be enjoyed right away.
  • Equipped with ESP32. Cloud connection with Wi-Fi, smartphone communication with BLE possible.
  • Equipped with a 4-pole audio jack. Audio input/output is possible.
  • SD card can be inserted. FlashAirTM is also OK. (More about FlashAir Connection can be found on the Resources tab.)
  • MbedTM easy programming. If you copy it to storage, you can run it.
  • Optional USB A connector can be equipped. Can be used for connection of USB memory etc.

Demonstration Video Running OpenCV Canny Function (Edge Detection) with GR-LYCHEE


CE, EU RoHS, China RoHS

Certification of ESP32-WROOM-32




Detailed Specification

RZ/A1LU (R7S721030VCFP 176-pin QFP)
External FLASH 8MB/Internal 3MB
Operating Frequency
RTC Clock
Operating Voltage
Shikino High-Tech KBCR-M04VG-HPB2033
VGA 640x480, up to 60fps
Horizontal angle 98 degree, vertical angle 75 degree
Board Function
Camera interface (camera module included)
ESP32 wireless module (Wi-Fi, BLE)
USB peripheral(Micro B connector)
USB host (option)
4 pole audio input/output jack
SD socket
LCD connector
User button switch (2 pcs)
Reset button switch
JTAG interface
Connector for Arduino shield (option)
LED for user (4 pcs)




Sketch Reference

How to Program

Project File for e2 studio

Project file for sketching in Eclipse-based development environment e2 studio. For downloading and installing e2 studio, please refer to the e2 studio product page.

You can import as an archive file (zip) as an existing workspace from the e2 studio menu "File" -> "Import".

Do the menu "Project" -> "Update all dependencies" at the initial build. Only sources changed since the next build will be compiled.


DisplayApp is an application that displays the camera image sent by USB CDC.

Installing the USB driver is required on versions earlier than Windows 10.

Below is an Arduino-like sketch example.

        #include <Arduino.h>
        #include <Camera.h>
        #include "DisplayApp.h"
        Camera camera;
        static DisplayApp display_app;
        void setup() {
        void loop() {
            display_app.SendJpeg(camera.getJpegAdr(), (int)camera.createJpeg());

About FlashAirTM Connection

You can connect FlashAir to the SD socket on the back of GR-LYCHEE. You can access photos saved with GR-LYCHEE's camera from your smartphone or tablet. It can also be used as a Wi-Fi interface using iSDIO.


Products whose operation have been confirmed are as follows.

  • FlashAir W-03 (8GB, 16GB, 32GB)
  • FlashAir W-04 (16GB, 32GB)

Note: For W-04, the iSDIO function by CMD 17/24 can be used with firmware W 4.00.01 or later.

3D Data for Fusion 360

3D data that can be imported with Autodesk Fusion 360. Use it when making cases for GR-LYCHEE.

GR-LYCHEE Autodesk Fusion 360 File (ZIP)



Gadget Renesas provides boards that make it possible to prototype ideas quickly, a community where users can interact, and events to help users build their projects to make their ideas a reality. Below are some projects that utilized the GR-LYCHEE board.