The 8343-01 is a low skew, 1-to-16 LVCMOS/ LVTTL Fanout Buffer and a member of the family of High Performance Clock Solutions from IDT. The 8343-01 single ended clock input accepts LVCMOS or LVTTL input levels. The 8343-01 operates at 3.3V, 2.5V and mixed 3.3V input and 2.5V supply modes over the commercial temperature range. Guaranteed output and part-to-part skew characteristics make the 8343-01 ideal for those clock distribution applications demanding well defined performance and repeatability.


  • 16 LVCMOS/LVTTL outputs
  • 1 LVCMOS/LVTTL clock input
  • CLK can accept the following input levels: LVCMOS, LVTTL
  • Maximum output frequency: 200MHz
  • Dual output enable inputs facilitates 1-to-16 or 1-to-8 input to output modes
  • All inputs are 5V tolerant
  • Output skew: 250ps (maximum)
  • Part-to-part skew: 700ps (maximum)
  • Full 3.3V and 2.5V or mixed 3.3V core/2.5V operating supply
  • 0°C to 70°C ambient operating temperature
  • Lead-Free package
  • Industrial temperature information available upon request




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