The 5PB1203 is a high-performance TCXO / LVCMOS clock fanout buffer with individual OE pin for each output. The CLKIN pin can accept either a square wave (LVCMOS) or clipped sine wave (such as TCXO clipped sine wave output) as input.

The 5PB1203 has industry-leading low jitter and extremely low current consumption, making it ideal for smart mobile devices.


  • Extremely low operating and standby current consumption
  • Low RMS Additive Phase jitter
  • 1.8 V power supply voltage
  • Three outputs with individual Output Enable pin
  • One input
  • OE_OSC control pin to enable/disable reference TCXO / XO
  • Small 10-pin DFN package
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +105°C) 




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Design & Development


5PB11xx Ultra Low Jitter LVCMOS Buffers

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