The combination of R-Car E3 and Clock Generator provides the optimized function and performance for full graphic cluster solutions, supporting large panels of an integrated cockpit solution, which can be found in entry system vehicles. The Reference Board allows developers to evaluate the R-Car E3 SoC and kickstart hardware & software solution.


  • The R-Car E3 offers compatibility with other R-Car products and is supported by various partners from the R-Car Consortium to reduce development efforts.
  • R-Car Reference board offers a variety of peripheral circuits and standardized interfaces.
  • Features Board-to-Board Connector to connect customized boards.
  • Clock Generator (9FGV0841): Flexible clock generator capable of generating 8-output PCIe Gen1-4 Clock, allows a single device to replace several crystal oscillators with any frequency.



  • Full Graphics Cluster & Cockpit Solution


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