The combination of the R-Car, the PMIC, and the clock generators provides a high-efficiency and high-end ADAS solution that supports image input, image output, and high-speed input/output IF.


  • Complete hardware and software development kit for ADAS and automated driving applications like front camera, surround view, and LiDAR
  • R-Car V3H: Image recognition engine with an optimized performance-to-power balance and the Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 and Cortex-R7 enable advanced video processing and image recognition.
  • Safe PMICs: Highly integrated, ISO 26262 compliant power supply, optimized for the V3H SoC to reduce the solution bill-of-materials while providing industry-leading efficiency.
  • Programmable Clock Generator: Flexible clock generator capable of generating any clock frequency from 1 to 500MHz, allows a single device to replace several crystal oscillators with any frequency.
  • Supporting RGMII (2 channels) as the Ether IF and CSI2 (2 channels) as the camera IF to support various inputs and outputs.



  • ADAS and Automated Driving


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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

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RoX Software Development Kit
The RoX SDK is an easy-to-start & easy-to-use development framework for the R-Car SoCs.
Software Package Renesas
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