eCUBE allows ADAS developers to save precious time and effort when they prototype and evaluate their innovative use cases on a new platform. The development platform can be used on a table or integrated in a test vehicle.

eVIEW enables the camera sensors and pipeline as well as the display pipeline for different use cases with an open API allowing the ADAS developer to retrieve the frames directly in Linux User Space.

eVISION is an example of a neural network detector trained for Vulnerable Road User detection and ported on the Renesas V3H Computer Vision hardware accelerators.

Videos: eCube introduction | Survey Camera Sample Video


  • Renesas V3HSK (V3H1.1)
  • Camera Inputs (8) GMSL/GMSL2/FPDLINKIII
  • HDMI output (1) / LVDS output (1)
  • Ethernet Gbps (1)
  • CAN (2), UART (2), GPIO (4)
  • Casing with passive heatsink
  • SSD storage
  • Operating temp. range : 0°C – 50°C
  • Power Input 10.6V to 32V DC
  • eVIEW library for CR7 (camera and display)
  • eVISION library ported on CVE (trained object detector)
  • Customer sample applications on CA53




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