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R-Car Online Consultation is a service where you can receive various consultations regarding R-Car V3H and R-Car V3M.
We propose various solutions according to the customer’s situation, such as consultation for customers who are considering R-Car for the first time, learning of image recognition and deep learning using R-Car, and construction of evaluation environment.
With this development consulting service for automotive SoC, we will shorten the introduction time of customers and solve problems at an early stage.


  • Online consulting service.
  • Providing an introduction Guidebook for R-Car V3H and V3M.
    1. Features and applications of R-Car V3H and V3M
    2. Other functions of R-Car V3H and V3M
    3. Camera connection to MIPI-CSI2
    4. Camera and ISP
    5. Use R-Car ISP
    6. IMR distortion correction unit
    7. IMP image recognition engine
    8. CNN and Toolchain


  • Service for making products
    1. Support status of various OS
    2. Software provided by Renesas Electronics
    3. Description of starter kit and evaluation board
    4. Evaluation software package
    5. Function safety package
    6. Security package
    7. R-Car Consortium Partner introduction
    8. Convenience of R-Car SIer



  • Front smart camera
  • Surround view with 3D visualization
  • Driver and occupant Monitoring system

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