The First DECT Based Wireless Audio Solution of its Kind

Delivered as a complete and pre-tested wireless audio module, it makes system development as simple as possible. Our module does not require radio frequency (RF) expertise, expensive RF equipment, or extensive resources to move forward with your design and production.

Crystal-Clear Sound

Using double slots within the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) protocol, the microphones operate with a bandwidth of 12kHz. With a latency of ~14msec, this solution is very suitable for these kinds of applications.

As an RF technology, DECT is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, it ensures interference-free communication, allowing multiple applications to be used at the same time and same location without frequency planning. Moreover, to streamline your product creation process, we have a demo system to show you the performance and offer schematics as a reference.

Public Address System Functionality

The SC14WAMDECT is a wireless audio module with an integrated baseband, radio transceiver, power amplifier, and crystal to be used for cordless microphone applications in the DECT and DECT 6.0 bands. It is a module intended for users who with little or no experience in DECT wish to make a system consisting of two microphones, portable parts (PP), and one fixed part (FP) configured as a receiver or integrated into a speaker.

The exact same SC14WAMDECT module is used as both the FP and PP, only the configuration of the module will decide the role. The SC14WAMDECT module has been pre-approved for usage in all countries using DECT in the frequency band from 1880MHz - 1930MHz as well as for the DECT 6.0 to be used in North America in the frequency band 1910MHz - 1930MHz.

Tour Guide System Functionality

An additional feature of this module is the Tour Guide System functionality, where you can have one microphone support for up to 128 receivers.

This function can be used in headsets for tour guide solutions, which can be used for tours (inside as well as outside), congresses, (multilingual) conferences, bus tours, boat tours, and theaters, where speakers can be wirelessly connected to cover the bigger rooms with clear sound.

As the SC14WAMDECT module is fully certified, you do not lose time and money to realize your product.


  • A complete audio solution on one module
  • Running in an interference-free 1.9GHz band
  • Operates as a Base station as well as a Portable Part
  • Supports EU-DECT as well as US-DECT
  • Fully TBR6 and FCC approved
  • Flexible because of the onboard QSPI Flash
  • The module is fully tested; therefore, no need for expensive RF test equipment
  • Approved reference design for a second antenna in the base available
  • All to get your product fast to market




  • Public address system with one or two microphones (transmitter) and one loudspeaker (receiver)
  • Tour Guide System with one microphone (transmitter) and up to 128 headsets (receiver)


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