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The ISL98003 3-channel, 8-bit Analog Front End (AFE) contains all the functionality needed to digitize analog YPbPr video from HDTV tuners, set-top boxes, SD and HD DVDs, as well as RGB graphics signals from personal computers and workstations. The fourth generation analog design delivers 8-bit performance and a 165MSPS maximum conversion rate supporting resolutions up to UXGA at 60Hz. The front end's programmable input bandwidth ensures sharp, low noise images at all resolutions. To accelerate and simplify mode detection, the ISL98003 integrates a sophisticated set of measurement tools that fully characterizes the video signal and timing, offloading the host microcontroller. Automatic Black Level Compensation (ABLC™) eliminates part-to-part offset variation, ensuring perfect black level performance in every application. The ISL98003's Digital PLL generates a pixel clock from the analog sourcE's HSYNC or SOG (Sync-On-Green) signals. Pixel clock output frequencies range from 10MHz to 165MHz with sampling clock jitter of 250ps peak-to-peak.


  • 8-Bit Triple Analog-to-Digital Converters with Oversampling Up to 8x in Video Modes
  • Fast Automatic Selection of Best Sampling Phase
  • 165MSPS Maximum Conversion Rate (ISL98003CNZ-165)
  • Robust, Glitchless Macrovision™-Compliant Sync Separator
  • Analog VCR "Trick Mode" Support
  • ABLC for Perfect Black Level Performance
  • 2-Channel Input Multiplexer
  • Precision Sync Timing Measurement
  • RGB to YUV Color Space Converter
  • Low PLL Clock Jitter (250ps Peak-to-Peak)
  • Programmable Input Bandwidth (10MHz to 450MHz)
  • 64 Interpixel Sampling Positions
  • ±6dB Gain Adjustment Range
  • Pb-Free (RoHS compliant)




  • Flat Panel TVs
  • Front/Rear Projection TVs
  • PC LCD Monitors and Projectors
  • High Quality Scan Converters
  • Video/Graphics Processing Simplified Block Diagram


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