The DA7217-EVAL evaluation board has been designed to allow measurement and evaluation of the DA7217 high-performance, low-power audio codec. The board connects to the digital IO board for USB control and for digital audio input/output via the digital audio interface. All analog audio codec functionalities are contained within the evaluation board. The board is supplied with a USB memory stick containing various documents and a GUI to allow the user to control the DA7217 device. The GUI, called SmartCanvas™, uses a simple graphical interface, allowing the DA7217 to be controlled via a USB port of a PC. This evaluation board has a number of jumper links to enable users to change the system configuration and to allow them to make appropriate measurements. However, only a few jumper links are required to be altered for standard operations of the device.


  • Connects to the digital IO board for USB control
  • Digital audio interface for digital audio input/output connection
  • Contains all analog audio codec functionalities
  • USB stick contains documents and the SmartCanvas™ GUI



  • Hearables
  • Wireless and wired headsets
  • Wireless and wired headphones


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