The DA7210/11 evaluation board has been produced to allow measurement, evaluation and programming of the DA7210/11 ultra-low power audio codec evaluation board and control software. The evaluation PCB is supplied together with a DVD ROM containing documentation and driver files.

The driver software uses a simple graphical user interface (GUI), allowing the DA7210/11 device to be controlled via a USB port of a PC. An additional GUI is available to control the highly configurable filter paths within the DA7210/11; including general purpose, five-band equalizer and high pass filters.

The board has a number of jumper links to allow configuration of the board and to provide measurement test points.


  • Stereo Playback/Record: 2.5mW and 3mW at 1.8V (into stereo headphone load)
  • Audio performance at 2.5Vy
    • DAC: 100dB/-85db THD
    • ADC: 95db SNR/-86dB THD
  • Sample rates up to 96kHz supported via multi-slot I2S/PCM interface
  • Stereo fully-differential microphone amplifiers with 5µV input noise and bias



  • Personal media players
  • Portable consumer devices
  • Music handsets
  • Personal navigation devices


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