Sensors in robots help correctly recognize surroundings and provide the controller or drive with data including images. Renesas offers a wide portfolio of microcontrollers that incorporate a CMOS sensor for object recognition, object detection/ranging (TOF*), touch sensors, and an analog front end (AFE) to connect the sensors. Renesas technology addresses the need for real-time secure data sensing and device control.


Block Product Type Product Description
Object Recognition CMOS Image Sensor CMOS Image Sensor Family High sensitivity CMOS sensor
Image Stabilizing OIS ICs for OIS Driver Image stabilizing solution
Object Detection/Ranging IC Optical Sensor Family Object detection solution not easily affected by surrounding brightness and darkness
Touch Input Capacitive Touch Key Microcontroller RX Touch Key Microcontroller Solutions realizing the advanced design with the superior environment-related characteristics
Analog Front End Smart Analog MCU RL78/I1E
Sensing-centered microcontroller products equipped with the enhanced analog functions