The ISL70003ASEHEV1Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the performance of the ISL70003ASEH, a TID and SEE hardened 9A synchronous buck regulator IC with integrated MOSFETs intended for space applications.

The ISL70003ASEHEV2Z evaluation board is designed to demonstrate the performance of the ISL70003ASEH product as a 12V input to 3.3V output, 6A output current POL regulator, making it ideal for wiring into an existing circuit.

The ISL70003ASEHEV1Z and ISL70003ASEHEV2Z evaluation boards accept a nominal input voltage of 12V and provides a regulated output voltage of 3.3V with output current ranging from 0A to 6A. There is a green LED indicating PGOOD (power-good).


  • Input voltage of 12V
  • Regulated output voltage of 3.3V
  • Adjustable output current from 0A to 6A
  • Power-good LED


  • FPGA, CPLD, DSP, CPU core, and I/O supply voltages
  • DDR memory supply voltages
  • Low-voltage, high-density distributed power systems

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL70003ASEHEV2Z User Guide Manual PDF 912 KB
ISL70003ASEHEVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 1.20 MB
ISL70003ASEHEV2Z Design Files Design File ZIP 618 KB
ISL70003ASEHEV1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 1.07 MB
ISL70003ASEH SEE Test Report Report PDF 1.15 MB
ISL70003ASEH Total Dose Test Report Report PDF 461 KB