This evaluation kit includes:

This OB1203SD-BT2-EVK evaluation kit for heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiration rate uses Renesas’ highly integrated OB1203 biosensor for reflective photoplethysmography.

With the provided algorithm (algorithm source code is available on request), the kit can determine heart rate, SpO2 and respiration rate. Data can be monitored locally by connecting a USB cable between the EVK and a computer and using a terminal program. Data is also sent by a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) link and available for monitoring using the Renesas OB1203 Web App running on a Windows V10 or later PC.


  • OB1203 Sensor Features
    • Highly reliable and industry-proven OSIP package with integrated cover glass for hypoallergenic products
    • Integrated and factory trimmed LED source, driver and photodetector
    • PPG (Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Concentration):
      • Aesthetic industrial design options with unique far red LED allowing SpO2 measurements behind visibly dark, IR-transmissive ink.
      • 16 to 18 bits output resolution
      • High speed sampling up to 3200 samples per second for highest resolution and improved SNR
      • On-chip averaging and FIFO data storage enable convenient asynchronous access to data
    • Proximity Sensor
      • Up to 16 bits resolution
      • Ambient light suppression
      • Analog and digital crosstalk cancelation
    • Wide operation temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Wide supply voltage range
      • 1.7V to 3.6V for digital / analog
      • 3.3 V to 5.0 V for LEDs
    • I2C interface capable of 100kHz or 400kHz communication
    • Programmable level-based interrupt functions
    • Industry’s smallest package: 4.2 x 2 x 1.2 mm3 14-pin module
  • Dialog DA14531MOD SmartBond TINY™ Module Features 
    • Bluetooth
      • Compatible with Bluetooth® v5.1, ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 Class 2 (Europe), FCC CFR47 Part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan) core
      • Supports up to 3 connections
      • Dialog Semiconductor registered BD address preprogrammed in OTP
    • Processing and memories
      • 16 MHz 32-bit Arm® Cortex® M0+ with SWD interface
      • 128 Kbytes internal FLASH
      • 48 Kbytes RAM
      • 144 Kbytes ROM
      • 32 Kbytes OTP
    • Radio
      • Programmable RF transmit power from -19 to +2.2 dBm
      • -93 dBm receiver sensitivity
  • Specifications 
    • The OB1203SD-BT2 monitors heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and respiration rate. Battery-operated and portable the evaluation kit is suitable for monitoring at home, during exercise, or travel.
      • Operating voltage: 3.0V (AAA battery * 2)
      • Detector module: OB1203 sensor module
      • Measurement range: Oxygen saturation: 70% to 100%
      • Pulse rate: 25bpm to 200 bpm
      • Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C
      • Operating humidity: 5 to 99% RH (No condensate water)


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