The MK2727 is IDT's lowest cost, low-jitter, high-performance VCXO and PLL clock synthesizer designed to replace expensive 27MHz VCXOs. The on-chip Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator accepts a 0 to 3V input voltage to cause the output clocks to vary by ±100 ppm. Using IDT's patented VCXO and analog Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device uses an inexpensive external 13.5 MHz pullable crystal input to produce a 27 MHz output clock. IDT manufactures the largest variety of Set-Top Box and multimedia clock synthesizers for all applications. If more clock outputs are needed, see the MK2731 or MK277x family of parts. Consult IDT to eliminate VCXOs, crystals and oscillators from your board.


  • Packaged in 8-pin narrow SOIC
  • Uses an inexpensive 13.500 MHz external crystal
  • On-chip VCXO with pull range of 200 ppm (minimum)
  • VCXO input tuning voltage 0 to 3.3 V
  • 25 mA output drive capability at TTL levels
  • Advanced, low-power, sub-micron CMOS process
  • 5 V operating voltage




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