The ISL32743E is a galvanically isolated high-speed differential bus transceiver, designed for bidirectional data communication on balanced transmission lines. The device uses Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) as its isolation technology. The part is available in a 16 Ld SOICW package providing a true 8mm creepage distance. A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and 44, 000 years of barrier life. The device is compatible with 3V and 5V input supplies, allowing an interface to standard microcontrollers without additional level shifting. Current limiting and thermal shutdown features protect against output short circuits and bus contention that may cause excessive power dissipation. Receiver inputs are a full fail-safe design, ensuring a logic high R-output if A/B are floating or shorted.


  • 40Mbps data rate
  • 2.5kVRMS isolation/600VRMS working voltage
  • 3.3V bus
  • 20ns propagation delay
  • 5ns pulse skew
  • 1/5 unit load allows up to 160 devices on the bus
  • 50kV/μs (typical), 30kV/μs (minimum) common-mode transient immunity
  • 16.5kV ESD protection
  • Low EMC footprint
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI RS-485 and ISO 8482:1987(E)
  • True 8mm 16 Ld SOICW packages
  • UL 1577 recognized
  • VDE V 0884-11 pending




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