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The 9161A is a fully programmable graphics clock generator. It can generate user-specified clock frequencies using an externally generated input reference or a single crystal. The output frequency is programmed by entering a 24-bit digital word through the serial port. Two fully user-programmable phaselocked loops are offered in a single package. One PLL is designed to drive the memory clock, while the second drives the video clock. The outputs may be changed on-the-fly to any desired frequency between 390 kHz and 120 MHz. The 9161A is ideally suited for any design where multiple or varying frequencies are required. This part is ideal for graphics applications. It generates low jitter, high speed pixel clocks. It can be used to replace multiple, expensive high speed crystal oscillators. The flexibility of the device allows it to generate non-standard graphics clocks. The 9161A is also ideal in disk drives. It can generate zone clocks for constant density recording schemes. The low profile, 16-pin SOIC or PDIP package and low jitter outputs are especially attractive in board space critical disk drives. The leader in the area of multiple output clocks on a single chip, ICS has been shipping graphics frequency generators since October, 1990, and is constantly improving the phase-locked loop. The 9161A incorporates a patented fourth generation PLL that offers the best jitter performance available.


  • Pin-for-pin and function compatible with ICD2061A
  • Dual programmable graphics clock generator
  • Memory and video clocks are individually programmable on-the-fly
  • Ideal for designs where multiple or varying frequencies are required
  • Increased frequency resolution from optional predivide by 2 on the M counter
  • Output enable feature available for tristating outputs
  • Independent clock outputs range from 390 kHz to 120 MHz for VDD >4.75V
  • Power-down capabilities
  • Low power, high speed 0.8? CMOS technology
  • Glitch-free transitions
  • Available in 16-pin, 300-mil SOIC or PDIP package

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Obsolete SOIC 16 C No Tube

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