Takuya Takizawa
Takuya Takizawa
Senior Principal Specialist
Published: December 24, 2021


The importance of technology for car recognition sensors that support autonomous driving will continue to develop in the future. For recognition sensors such as cameras and RADAR, it is expected that new technologies will appear more and more in the future, not extensions of conventional technologies. We will add RADAR to the development environment for autonomous driving centered on proven camera sensors, and work on the development of next-generation sensor fusion that combines multiple sensors. 


In the field of in-vehicle driving support and autonomous driving, the realization of Level-2 and 2+ driving support systems by combining cameras and RADAR is becoming the standard. We are aiming to shift to system solutions in this period of transformation of automotive systems and business models, which is said to be a once in a 100 years event. In the field of autonomous driving, Renesas will pursue future autonomous driving technology that combines multiple sensing technologies such as cameras and MMICs for RADAR.

In the field of automotive RADAR, there will be increasing demands such as imaging RADAR that can obtain clear images with further improvement of accuracy and high angular resolution. We will always pursue cutting-edge technology and aim for a safer autonomous driving society. 

Fig1 Radar

Our Role

  • High-precision imaging RADAR processing is realized by Renesas' automotive MMIC and SoC. We will improve the Radar algorithms for future autonomous driving and propose devices that can process the algorithms efficiently.
  • Based on the imaging RADAR system, we propose highly accurate and low-cost solutions for various use cases (Front LRR, Corner, Side, Rear ..) by utilizing our track record of device development technology.
  • We propose highly accurate recognition technology by machine learning by combining the image analysis result of camera and the target detection information by RADAR.
  • We provide an easy-to-use development environment and verification environment so that customers can quickly bring high-precision autonomous driving technology to the market.
Fig2 Graph


In the field of autonomous driving, where major technological innovations are expected in the future, sensing technology that replaces the eyes of drivers is indispensable. We will work to develop the sensing technology that is essential for this innovation, including hardware, software, and tools. 

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