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Makiko Seki
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Published: November 14, 2023

Safety is a terminology which defines the level of safety standard with certification body such as TUV, VDE, etc. It’s an upward trend to implement Functional Safety IEC61508, with SIL3 and HFT=1 architecture to cover both Factory Automation and Process Automation in Industrial Automation world. Customers recognize the importance but usually face multiple bottlenecks in safety area due to complexity of design and the necessary process to follow throughout the design, development, and certification journey.

Renesas been involved in many safety application projects around the globe and NexCOBOT Co.,Ltd. have brought us one of their success story for their latest generation Safety Digital Input/Output modules and Safety controllers.

Product in glance:


NexCOBOT's NEIO-1103-S and NEIO-1203-S are compact palm-sized Safety Digital Input/Output modules that offer functional safety compatibility with SIL 3/HFT=1 and PL=e/Cat.3. The NEIO-1103-S includes 8 channels of digital input (4 dual-channel inputs with Cat.3 compatibility) for receiving signals from external sensors or devices. These received signals are then transmitted to the Safety Controller via FSoE (Functional Safety over EtherCAT). On the other hand, the NEIO-1203-S features 4 channels of digital output (2 dual-channel outputs with Cat.3 compatibility) for controlling external safety devices, providing a 24VDC output. The Safety Controller can easily manage these outputs through FSoE.

“Renesas Functional Safety provides a comprehensive solution.” According to NexCOBOT General Manager Jenny Shern, “with the support from Renesas, it is not only to save 1/3 of development schedule for us but also minimized overall cost from system point of view, and most importantly, to reach SIL3, HFT=1, PL e, Cat.3 and FSoE in one stop shop was our critical needs”.

The story doesn’t end here. NexCOBOT shared their list of experiences with Renesas IEC61508 Functional Safety solutions throughout their journey.

What was your impression after using Renesas’ IEC61508 Functional Safety SW and Reference solutions?
Renesas DeliverablesNexCOBOT Benefit
Self test SW
SIL3 System SW
NexCOBOT didn’t need to spend additional efforts (time & money saver) to develop diagnostic measures to detect failure of MCU/MPU and to develop the software architecture of using two MCU/MPU to fulfill the requirements of SIL3.
Reference document
  • Safety Concept chapter was effective to create our own Safety Concept
  • Verification and Validation Plan: Good reference for implement HW&SW fault avoidance
  • Safety Validation: convincing reference for coding style and create our own HW FMEDA & software FMECA
  • Diagnostic related DOC: Detail explain the MCU internal and MCU peripheral diagnostic method which supported NexCOBOT to provide more evidence to the certification body to explain the diagnostic method
Renesas support teamThe optional Annual Support program allows faster development time. Safety experts who could discuss safety related issues, helped NexCOBOT to solve safety related issues.

Would you like to know more? In the upcoming public event, 2023 International Robot Exhibition (, you will be able to see the product exhibiting and Renesas is inside. Please find us at: West4 Hall Booth No. W4-17.

Functional safety in Renesas is no more specific to RX family today but also extend to Arm product family such as RA and RZ family. We’ll continue the investment to spread functional safety solutions as one of essential spirits of Renesas products and looking forward to a more safety world tomorrow.

Learn more at IEC 61508 Functional Safety for Industrial Applications | Renesas

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