Mitsuru Nakagawa
Mitsuru Nakagawa
Principal Engineer
Published: August 5, 2022

Finally, Renesas RXv3 Core has broken through 6.0 CoreMarks/MHz of EEMBC’s CoreMark® !! 

CoreMark® is a standard benchmark program provided by EEMBC that measures the performance of processors used in embedded systems. The high score is one of the important criteria for users, as it represents low power consumption and high-speed instruction execution. 

By using a high-score processor, users can achieve the performance required by the system to be developed, while offering the spare capacity to implement additional functionality. Since instruction execution is performed at high-speed, there is a potential to adopt a lower-frequency processor with a lower cost. The high score of 6.0 CoreMarks/MHz confirms that RXv3 Core is a processor with top-class performance supporting numerous advantages.

What contributes to this achievement? The sophisticated architecture of the processor and optimization facilities of Renesas compiler CC-RX contribute greatly to high-efficient code output and leverage the performance of the architecture.

It is the optimization facilities that we continuously improve day by day, and as a result, you can see the improvement in the CoreMark® scores.


This graph shows the CoreMark score of RX 66T at 120MHz by each CC-RX version. The  icon means that the score is certified by EEMBC.

The CC-RX V3.00.00 (released in 2018) was the first compiler that supported RXv3 Core with an achievement of 5.6 CoreMarks/MHz. (It is still considered very high by today’s standard.) 

Our continuous effort to improve the optimization facilities for the past 4 years has achieved a high score of 6.0 CoreMarks/MHz with RX V3.04.00 (released in Jan 2022).

We will continue to enhance the RX Family and the CC-RX, which has strongly supported it. Please stay tuned!

This time, I have introduced the achievement of 6.0 CoreMarks/MHz of RXv3 Core and the CC-RX that makes this score possible.

The CC-RX has various capabilities for greater efficiency in the development of embedded systems aside from the excellent optimization features. We also provide a free evaluation version of the software so users can evaluate it immediately.

If you are interested, please visit the C/C++ compiler package for RX family (CC-RX) page.

For details on EEMBC CoreMark®, visit:

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