Koji Uruma
Principal Engineer
Published: December 24, 2019

It goes without saying that "low power consumption" is one of the important indicators for measuring the performance of microcontrollers (MCUs). Renesas's 8/16-bit MCU RL78 family has achieved industry-leading levels of low-power consumption and has been well-received in the market. What’s more, it has been officially certified as the world's highest score in EEMBC's ULPMark-™-PP benchmark, providing supporting evidence to its reputation! This means that they have been certified as the world's smallest power-consuming MCU* in this index.

* of products registered to EEMBC as of November 2019

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EEMBC (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 to promote the standardization of benchmarks for embedded systems, and Renesas is one of its board members. The certification score is widely known for fairly evaluating the processing performance of multiple manufacturers' products. ULPMark-PP (ULPMark-Peripheral Profile) is a benchmark for measuring the energy cost of the peripheral circuits built into the MCU. However, it also includes power consumption for changing peripheral circuits setting and processing operations by the CPU. Therefore, this benchmark is suitable for measuring the total power consumption performance of the system control applications mainly targeted by the RL78.


Among the RL78 family, the RL78/I1D group, which has been certified this time, is equipped with middle-speed on-chip oscillators (MOCO) capable of high-speed wakeup. However, other groups of products in the RL78 family is also produced by the same wafer process and have the same CPU core, and similar peripheral functions except for MOCO, so it remains at almost the same level of low power consumption capability in the world.


For applications where low power consumption is essential, such as sensor nodes for IoT, please consider RL78 MCUs!

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