Yasufumi Kakihana
Yasufumi Kakihana
Sr Staff Application Engineer
Published: June 7, 2022

Are you struggling at the development or design stage of industrial automation equipment?

"Improving accuracy is at an impasse."
"I want to save energy, but there are various problems ..."

In recent years, further improvement in accuracy, energy savings and downsizing of equipment are required in relation to SDGs in many industrial instruments such as AC servo drives (including robot controllers, machine tools, semiconductor production devices, and electronic parts mounting devices), general-purpose inverters, and green energy generation systems (including solar inverters, wind inverters and battery systems). Intelligent Power Modules (IPM), equipped with high-speed switching power devices such as IGBTs, SiC /GaN MOSFETs, are adopted or under development for many of the industrial equipment mentioned above.

Here, I would like to introduce the IPM drive photocoupler series “RV1S9x61A, RV1S9x62A", which provides the best isolation element solution for IPM base industrial systems. This high-performance power module combines the power devices, drive circuits, and protection functions that make up the inverter into a single package.

For industrial automation applications requiring high accuracy, the new RV1S9x61A and RV1S9x62A photocouplers provide the industry’s lowest propagation delay difference (PDD) of just 25ns. The low PDD enables designers to decrease dead time, which results in lower output voltage error and therefore improves the accuracy of the inverter.

Another requirement of industrial automation equipment is low power consumption. The new photocouplers deliver the industry’s highest common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 100kV/µsec. High CMTI reduces the influence of noise generated by high-speed power devices that change voltages quickly. As a result, the Renesas photocouplers allow designers to reduce switching time and thereby decrease power consumption.

The new photocoupler family includes six new devices including Active High (RV1S9x61A) and Active Low (RV1S9x62A) versions in SO5, LSO5 and LSSO5 packages. Renesas’ LSSO5 package, which has a 0.65mm pin pitch, reduces mounting space by 35% versus competing devices to address the trend of smaller equipment with increased controller board density.

Key Features of the RV1S9x6xA Photocouplers

  • Low propagation delay difference of just 25ns for improved accuracy
  • Common mode transient immunity of 100kV/µsec to support high-speed power devices for decreased power consumption
  • LSSO5 package, which has 0.65mm pin pitch, reduces mounting space by 35%
  • Operating ambient temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C

Winning Combinations

Renesas has combined the RV1S9x6xA with complementary components that work together seamlessly to create winning combinations for motor control solutions. An example of one of these winning combinations is the AC Drives/GP Inverters Solution design that also includes Renesas’ RA6T2 and RX66T MCUs optimized for motor control applications. Renesas offers more than 300 winning combinations with compatible devices for a wide range of applications and end products. They can be found at

All six RV1S9x6xA family photocouplers are available today.

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Product Output Logic Package Pin Pitch Isolation Voltage
RV1S9161A Active High SO5 1.27mm 3 750V
RV1S9162A Active Low SO5 1.27mm 3 750V
RV1S9061A Active High LSO5 1.27mm 5 000V
RV1S9062A Active Low LSO5 1.27mm 5 000V
RV1S9261A Active High LSSO5 0.65mm 5 000V
RV1S9262A Active Low LSSO5 0.65mm 5 000V

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RV1S9X61A/62A Photocoupler for IPM Drive Overview

Renesas RV1S9x61A and RV1S9x62A Intelligent Power Module (IPM) drive photocouplers solve market demands for improved accuracy, energy savings and equipment downsizing. They are isolation devices with optimum characteristics for driving high-speed power devices. Key features make it possible to reduce the dead time of inverters.