Laurence McGarry
Laurence McGarry
Product Marketing Director, Wireless Power Division
Published: September 14, 2017

The recent Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) meeting in Taiwan attracted many informative presenters and innovative product exhibitors to discuss the latest developments in the Qi ecosystem. Combine this with today’s Apple announcement – endorsing Qi as the standard of choice – and we can safely conclude that wireless power technology has crossed the chasm of technology adoption and now enters the consumer mainstream.

WPC’s Qi standard based on magnetic induction coupling has clearly emerged as the industry’s standard for wireless charging. The overwhelming majority of adoption in smartphones and the transmitter ecosystem (home, office, automobile, and public venues) carry the Qi logo – a symbol that has become synonymous with safety, reliability, and interoperability regardless of the equipment or location.

The Importance of Qi Certification

WPC has implemented the Qi certification process with a network of global partner test facilities. Any Qi-certified product has passed a series of compliance tests and implemented mandatory safety features, as well as includes the features necessary to ensure interoperability of wireless power transmitters and power receivers. The resultant Qi product – carrying the Qi logo on the product or in associated documentation – gives the consumer peace of mind that their product purchase is interoperable with other Qi devices and, most importantly, implements the required safety features. Renesas released 5W and 15W reference design solutions that are Qi-certified and designed specifically for easy integration into customer end-products.

For professional buyers, retailers, and outlets, always look for the WPC certificate issued to every product that has been Qi-certified. This encoded certificate relates to the same product shown on the WPC website. To confirm your device is safe, check that the product is registered in the Qi Certified Product Database.

Beware of Fakes – Be Qi-safe

As with any new and popular technology, fake or counterfeit devices present a challenge. These devices will result in a poor and potentially unsafe user experience that may include: frequent disconnection of device charging, limited charging area, and most importantly, device over-heating. So, when buying a new wireless charging product, particularly a charging pad for your home or office, make sure to look for the Qi logo and check out the various resources to verify Qi certification for the best and safest wireless charging user experience. Charge safely!

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