Stefan Ingenhaag
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: October 10, 2020

The enhanced integrated Security Crypto Engine with several cryptography accelerators, key management support, tamper detection, and power analysis resistance in concert with the newly implemented Arm® TrustZone® is making the device the best choice in the market for connected applications. With these great security features, Secure Element functionality can be realized.

We focus on integrating security functionality directly into the microcontrollers to provide better performance, lower power consumption, stronger robustness, higher flexibility, and cost-effective security solutions for IoT devices.

Whereas a secure element works well for identity provisioning, it may require the entire provisioning infrastructure to install keys and certificates. Renesas MCUs support flexible use cases:

  • MCU can secure the storage of plaintext keys.
  • MCU can also secure key installation that can be performed by either the device programmer or the application.
  • Or the creation of an MCU-unique cryptographic identity on the MCU itself with the private key never exposed anywhere outside the MCU.

These capabilities enable one-stop secure provisioning and programming of the application firmware. With Renesas' secure key storage, both optimum throughput and ultimate confidentiality are achieved. As security attacks are constantly evolving, Renesas offers an easy and flexible upgrade of security functionality and unlimited space for key storage. The integrated security offerings of Renesas MCUs with their NIST-certified cryptographic algorithms and MCU-unique key storage capabilities are the perfect foundation upon which to build secure IoT devices in today’s connected world.

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