This solution provides a simple way to prolong the reach of a single 1:1 serial RS232 communication line. The GreenPAK™ communication translator simply takes the serial input/output and interposes a high-frequency signal on the DC power line, which is in turn decoded by a second similar circuit.

System Benefits:

  • Simple power line communication, transferring any UART data from/to a command station to the remote station over the power connection
  • Simple UART connection between stations allows for adding proprietary protocols
  • The featured DC/DC regulator allows running communications over a DC power line carrying a maximum 36V DC, while also powering the connected unit with the required low voltage for the MCU




  • Remote valve control in HVAC
  • Connecting remote HMI with a control unit
  • eBike commands from the steering wheel to the control unit
  • Sending adjustment parameters during production

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EU179 Right arrow.252 Optional Non-Renesas Component Optional Non-Renesas Component.694 Sheet.770 Line.758 Line.759 Sheet.767 Line.758 Line.759 Sheet.761 Line.758 Line.759 Right arrow.252.683 Right arrow.684 EU179 EU179 EU179 DC/DC Master Node DC/DC DC/DC DC PLC Master Node DC PLC DC PLC Arm Cortex-M MCUs Master Node Arm Cortex-M MCU Arm Cortex-M MCU Peripheral UART UART Connector.287 Down arrow.256 RX RX RX TX TX TX Line.254 Line.688 Max 36V DC Max 36V DC Max 36V DC 3.3V 3.3V 100µA 3.3V100µA 3.3V/0.5A 3.3V/0.5A 3.3V/0.5A Master Node Master Node Master Node Slave Node Slave Node Slave Node Label Text 10pt.727 3.3V/0.5A 3.3V/0.5A Label Text 10pt.729 GND GND Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.731 Sheet.732 Sheet.733 Sheet.734 Sheet.735 Sheet.736 Sheet.737 Sheet.738 Sheet.739 1µH 1µH 1µH Line.254.741 Line.742 Line.254.743 Line.254.744 Connector.287.745 Connector.746 Line.254.747 Line.254.748 Connector.287.749 Connector.287.750 Line.254.756 Connector.287.757 Sheet.840 Sheet.834 Line.758 Line.759 Line.254.837 100pF 100pF 100pF Sheet.844 Line.254.841 Line.842 DC/DC Slave Node DC/DC DC/DC DC PLC Slave Node DC PLC DC PLC Arm Cortex-M MCU Slave Node Arm Cortex-M MCU Arm Cortex-M MCU
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