This solution adds voice control and speech/audio output to any embedded system without loading the host MCU/MPU, making it easier than ever for anyone to include the popular Voice User Interface (VUI) to their application. It can be attached to manifold Renesas MCU/MPU solutions via a standardized PMOD interface.

System Benefits:

  • Easy to implement VUI solution
  • Takes the applications to the next level to be future proven
  • Standardized PMOD interface => Easy to use
  • Low BOM count, cost-optimized without limiting functionality
  • Dual/Stereo MIC input for improved audio detection and noise suppression
  • Dual/Stereo audio output to (external) speaker
  • Multiple I/F: UART or I2C or SPI plus some GPIOs
  • Single 3.3V power supply




  • Smart Homes (e.g. room thermostat)
  • Smart Buildings (e.g. elevator control)
  • Household Appliances (e.g. coffee machine)
  • Aids for visual impaired persons
  • Emergency audio output in areas with bad vision (e.g. dust)