Barcode scanners are widely used in industrial applications such as automatic tracking and quality control. Barcode scanners have advantages over other tracking methods, as they offer faster input speed, higher reliability, and the ability to scan a large amount of information while being flexible.

Renesas has a range of MCU/MPUs, power and analog devices that can be used for any barcode scanner solution, optimizing the solution to the specific need. This design utilizes the Renesas RZ/A2M MPU, which is designed for embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI) based imaging in smart appliances, networked cameras, service robots, scanner products, and industrial machinery that require high-speed image processing. It features a unique hybrid approach to image recognition and machine vision by combining proprietary DRP technology for fast pre-processing of image data and feature extraction.

The high-performance power and analog system utilizes Renesas’ PMIC, DC/DC, USB power supply controller and hub controller, OPA, timing, and an advanced digital light sensor.

System Benefits:

  • High-speed embedded AI-based image processing device with Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) technology
  • Rich Renesas power and analog devices: PMIC, DC/DC, USB ASSP, operational amplifier, timing, and sensor
  • QR code recognition with light proximity induction
  • HDMI monitor support and AI-extensible features