Owning a huge yard creates expensive landscaping bills for homeowners or hours invested landscaping themselves. A robotic lawn mower saves time and money as well as regular yard maintenance. Renesas offers all the major parts needed for a robotic lawn mower.

System Benefits​:

  • Single IC for BLDC motor control with integrated analog front-end (AFE)
  • Feature-rich battery management system (BMS) for an up to 8 cells Li-ion battery with reliable safety features for cell balancing and protection
  • Efficient battery charging in CV/CC profile
  • Low Power consumption for longer battery life
  • Rain detection using weatherproof humidity sensor and capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU) for returning to a docking station for safe operation
  • Collision detection using Time of Flight (ToF) sensors and lift/tilt detection using 6-axis IMU for stopping the blades, ensuring enhanced safety
  • Docking station with integrated electronic fencing using perimeter wire and charging status monitoring
  • Remote control and theft protection alarm using wireless/GPS connectivity




  • Robotic lawn mowers
  • Autonomous mobile solutions for yard, home and warehouse