This solution offers a flexible approach for early prototyping of sensor (or any I2C controlled Pmod™ module) equipped Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) and Wi-Fi connected systems, with the radio SoC’s MCU being the sole MCU in the solution. A battery-powered motherboard enables a Pmod 6A (I2C bus-based) plug-and-play system. The optional GreenPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix allows for advanced and dedicated interrupt handling and device control of Pmods that otherwise would be difficult to use in such a scenario. The additional buck-boost converter can be used to operate from batteries outside of the 3V range.

System Benefits​:

  • Plug-and-play system for a wide variety of single MCU, Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connected sensor systems
  • Optional GreenPAK for isolated control of specific PMOD slot pins
  • Integrated buck/boost converter for wide battery voltage support




  • Prototype system for sensors