This is a total solution for power tools, consisting of a motor driver, battery pack, and battery charger. Motor drivers are available in 3 different configurations, allowing customers to select the optimum method according to their design policy. The battery pack supports up to five lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cell batteries in series for precise and reliable battery management.

System Benefits​:

  • Supports 3 types of motor drivers
    • Gate driver built-in motor controller
    • MCU + smart gate driver
    • MCU + gate driver + operational amplifier
    The optimum method can be selected according to the design policy
  • Support for accurate battery fuel gauge and high-reliability protection functions is accomplished with the Fuel Gauge IC
  • Bi-directional buck-boost power supply allows for battery charging function with simple configuration




  • Power tools
  • Battery powered appliances
  • Various battery-powered devices

Winning Combinations Interactive Diagram

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CN024 Sheet.3497 Board.3401 Battery Pack Battery Pack WC# CN024 CN024 Resistor.179 Sheet.2852 Resistor.3151 Connected signals line.3160 Chassis Ground.3167 Sheet.3168 Sheet.3169 Board.3188 Battery Charger Battery Charger Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.3192 Sheet.3193 Sheet.3194 Sheet.3195 Sheet.3196 Sheet.3197 Sheet.3198 Sheet.3199 Sheet.3200 Resistor.179.3201 Connector Line.3279 Connector Line.3282 Connector Line.3283 Connector.287 Connector Line Resistor.3317 Resistor.3320 Chassis Ground.3322 Sheet.3323 Sheet.3324 Connector Line.3327 Connector Line.3329 Connector.287.3330 Connector.287.3331 Sheet.3365 Sheet.3385 Sheet.3386 Connector.287.3387 Sheet.3391 Connector.287.3393 Sheet.3396 Chassis Ground.3397 Sheet.3398 Sheet.3399 Sheet.3415 Sheet.3417 Sheet.3431 Connector.287.3453 Connector.287.3456 Sheet.3457 Connector.287.3467 Sheet.3478 Double arrow.267 Double arrow.3481 Double arrow.3482 Double arrow.3483 Double arrow.3484 Sheet.3519 Resistor.3525 Chassis Ground.3529 Sheet.3530 Sheet.3531 Connector.287.3533 Connector.3534 Sheet.3539 Sheet.3540 Sheet.3546 Sheet.3547 Connector.3548 Title Text 12pt.3552 18.5V 18.5V Title Text 12pt.3560 5 cells 5 cells Sheet.3563 Connector Line.3567 Connector.3568 Sheet.3572 Sheet.3573 Label Text 10pt.262 Vin 24V Vin 24V Label Text 10pt.262.3575 Pack+ Pack+ Label Text 10pt.3576 Pack- Pack- Connected signals line.3293 Connected signals line.3325 Sheet.3607 Double arrow.3498 Double arrow.3499 Double arrow.3500 Double arrow.3501 Double arrow.3502 Sheet.3510 Sheet.3511 Sheet.3512 Sheet.3513 Sheet.3514 Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge Peripheral.3868 Current Sensor CurrentSensor Peripheral.4663 D-FET D-FET Peripheral.4664 VCC VCC Peripheral.4665 C-FET C-FET Buck-Boost Buck-Boost Buck-Boost Peripheral.3582 FB-out FB-out Peripheral.3583 Current Sensor CurrentSensor Peripheral.3584 FB-in FB-in Sheet.4796 Sheet.4799 Sheet.4910 Sheet.4922 Connector.4929 Sheet.4939 Title Text 12pt.3612 18.5V 18.5V Non-Renesas Component.297 SW SW Sheet.3801 Sheet.5143 Sheet.5144 Sheet.5338 Connector.5505 Title Text 12pt.4198 18.5V 18.5V Non-Renesas Component.4199 SW SW Sheet.4237 Connector Arrow.4246 MCU 1 MCU MCU Sheet.4377 Sheet.4381 Sheet.4382 Sheet.4389 Sheet.4430 Label Text 10pt.454 6 6 Sheet.4432 Title Text 12pt.4436 3.3V 3.3V Connector.5511 Title Text 12pt.4440 18.5V 18.5V Sheet.4478 Sheet.4608 Connector.4610 Dynamic connector.4613 Sheet.4616 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.4618 Sheet.4619 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.4621 Title Text 12pt.4629 3.3V 3.3V Sheet.4639 Sheet.4640 Sheet.4641 Sheet.4642 Sheet.4643 Sheet.4644 Sheet.4646 Sheet.4652 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.4654 Connector.287.4670 Connector.4674 Gate Driver 1 Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver 2 Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver 3 Gate Driver Gate Driver Sheet.4638 Op-Amp Op amp Op amp Sheet.6508 Board - Optional Motor Driver Option 1 Motor Driver Option 1 Board - Optional.6506 Motor Driver Option 2 Motor Driver Option 2 Board - Optional.6507 Motor Driver Option 3 Motor Driver Option 3 Sheet.6509 Sheet.6510 Sheet.6511 Sheet.6512 Sheet.6513 Sheet.6514 Connector 2 Connector 2.6543 Connector 2.6544 Connector 2.6545 Connector 2.6546 Connector 2.6547 Connector 2.6548 Sheet.6681 Sheet.6664 Sheet.6665 Sheet.6666 Sheet.6667 Connector.6533 Sheet.6669 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6672 Sheet.6673 Sheet.6675 Sheet.6676 Sheet.6677 Sheet.6678 Sheet.6679 Sheet.6680 Sheet.6699 Sheet.6700 Sheet.6701 Sheet.6702 Sheet.6703 Connector.6533 Sheet.6705 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6708 Sheet.6709 Sheet.6710 Sheet.6711 Sheet.6712 Sheet.6713 Sheet.6714 Sheet.6715 Sheet.6717 Sheet.6718 Sheet.6719 Sheet.6720 Sheet.6721 Connector.6533 Sheet.6723 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6726 Sheet.6727 Sheet.6728 Sheet.6729 Sheet.6730 Sheet.6731 Sheet.6732 Sheet.6733 Sheet.6734 Sheet.6735 Sheet.6736 Sheet.6737 Sheet.6738 Connector.6533 Sheet.6740 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6743 Sheet.6744 Sheet.6745 Sheet.6746 Sheet.6747 Sheet.6748 Sheet.6749 Sheet.6750 Sheet.3802 Sheet.3990 Sheet.3991 Sheet.3993 Sheet.3994 Resistor.4003 Chassis Ground.4004 Sheet.4005 Sheet.4006 Sheet.4010 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.4012 Sheet.4013 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.4015 Sheet.4016 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.4018 Sheet.3818 Sheet.5035 Sheet.5036 Sheet.5118 Sheet.5120 Sheet.5123 Sheet.5125 Sheet.5132 Sheet.5133 Sheet.5134 Sheet.5135 Sheet.5136 Sheet.5137 Sheet.5139 Sheet.5140 Connector.287.5503 Connector.5504 Connector.5506 Connector.5507 Connector.5508 Sheet.6003 Sheet.6004 Sheet.6787 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6752 Sheet.6753 Sheet.6754 Sheet.6755 Connector.6533 Sheet.6757 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6760 Sheet.6761 Sheet.6762 Sheet.6763 Sheet.6764 Sheet.6765 Sheet.6766 Sheet.6767 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6769 Sheet.6770 Sheet.6771 Sheet.6772 Connector.6533 Sheet.6774 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6777 Sheet.6778 Sheet.6779 Sheet.6780 Sheet.6781 Sheet.6782 Sheet.6783 Sheet.6784 Sheet.6788 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6791 Sheet.6792 Sheet.6793 Sheet.6794 Connector.6533 Sheet.6796 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6799 Sheet.6800 Sheet.6801 Sheet.6802 Sheet.6803 Sheet.6804 Sheet.6805 Sheet.6806 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6808 Sheet.6809 Sheet.6810 Sheet.6811 Connector.6533 Sheet.6813 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6816 Sheet.6817 Sheet.6818 Sheet.6819 Sheet.6820 Sheet.6821 Sheet.6822 Sheet.6823 Sheet.6824 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6827 Sheet.6828 Sheet.6829 Sheet.6830 Connector.6533 Sheet.6832 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6835 Sheet.6836 Sheet.6837 Sheet.6838 Sheet.6839 Sheet.6840 Sheet.6841 Sheet.6842 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6844 Sheet.6845 Sheet.6846 Sheet.6847 Connector.6533 Sheet.6849 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6852 Sheet.6853 Sheet.6854 Sheet.6855 Sheet.6856 Sheet.6857 Sheet.6858 Sheet.6859 Sheet.6865 Sheet.6866 Sheet.6867 Sheet.6868 Sheet.6869 Resistor.6870 Chassis Ground.6871 Sheet.6872 Sheet.6873 Sheet.6874 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.6876 Sheet.6877 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.6879 Sheet.6880 Label Text 10pt.454 3 3 Sheet.6882 Sheet.6883 Sheet.6884 Sheet.6885 Sheet.6886 Sheet.6887 Sheet.6888 Sheet.6889 Sheet.6890 Sheet.6891 Sheet.6892 Sheet.6893 Sheet.6894 Sheet.6895 Sheet.6897 Connector.6898 Connector.6899 Connector.6900 Connector.6901 Connector.6902 Sheet.6904 Sheet.6905 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6908 Sheet.6909 Sheet.6910 Sheet.6911 Connector.6533 Sheet.6913 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6916 Sheet.6917 Sheet.6918 Sheet.6919 Sheet.6920 Sheet.6921 Sheet.6922 Sheet.6923 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6925 Sheet.6926 Sheet.6927 Sheet.6928 Connector.6533 Sheet.6930 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6933 Sheet.6934 Sheet.6935 Sheet.6936 Sheet.6937 Sheet.6938 Sheet.6939 Sheet.6940 Sheet.6941 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6944 Sheet.6945 Sheet.6946 Sheet.6947 Connector.6533 Sheet.6949 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6952 Sheet.6953 Sheet.6954 Sheet.6955 Sheet.6956 Sheet.6957 Sheet.6958 Sheet.6959 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6961 Sheet.6962 Sheet.6963 Sheet.6964 Connector.6533 Sheet.6966 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6969 Sheet.6970 Sheet.6971 Sheet.6972 Sheet.6973 Sheet.6974 Sheet.6975 Sheet.6976 Sheet.6977 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.6980 Sheet.6981 Sheet.6982 Sheet.6983 Connector.6533 Sheet.6985 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.6988 Sheet.6989 Sheet.6990 Sheet.6991 Sheet.6992 Sheet.6993 Sheet.6994 Sheet.6995 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.6997 Sheet.6998 Sheet.6999 Sheet.7000 Connector.6533 Sheet.7002 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7005 Sheet.7006 Sheet.7007 Sheet.7008 Sheet.7009 Sheet.7010 Sheet.7011 Sheet.7012 Sheet.7017 Sheet.7018 Sheet.7019 Sheet.7020 Sheet.7021 Resistor.7022 Chassis Ground.7023 Sheet.7024 Sheet.7025 Sheet.7026 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.7028 Sheet.7029 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.7031 Sheet.7032 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.7034 Sheet.7035 Sheet.7036 Sheet.7037 Sheet.7038 Sheet.7039 Sheet.7040 Sheet.7041 Sheet.7042 Sheet.7043 Sheet.7044 Sheet.7045 Sheet.7046 Sheet.7047 Sheet.7048 Sheet.7049 Connector.7050 Connector.7051 Connector.7052 Connector.7053 Connector.7054 Sheet.7055 Sheet.7056 Sheet.7057 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.7060 Sheet.7061 Sheet.7062 Sheet.7063 Connector.6533 Sheet.7065 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7068 Sheet.7069 Sheet.7070 Sheet.7071 Sheet.7072 Sheet.7073 Sheet.7074 Sheet.7075 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.7077 Sheet.7078 Sheet.7079 Sheet.7080 Connector.6533 Sheet.7082 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7085 Sheet.7086 Sheet.7087 Sheet.7088 Sheet.7089 Sheet.7090 Sheet.7091 Sheet.7092 Sheet.7093 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.7096 Sheet.7097 Sheet.7098 Sheet.7099 Connector.6533 Sheet.7101 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7104 Sheet.7105 Sheet.7106 Sheet.7107 Sheet.7108 Sheet.7109 Sheet.7110 Sheet.7111 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.7113 Sheet.7114 Sheet.7115 Sheet.7116 Connector.6533 Sheet.7118 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7121 Sheet.7122 Sheet.7123 Sheet.7124 Sheet.7125 Sheet.7126 Sheet.7127 Sheet.7128 Sheet.7129 Non-Renesas Component.5033 ct-FET.378 Sheet.7132 Sheet.7133 Sheet.7134 Sheet.7135 Connector.6533 Sheet.7137 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7140 Sheet.7141 Sheet.7142 Sheet.7143 Sheet.7144 Sheet.7145 Sheet.7146 Sheet.7147 ct-FET.6768 Sheet.7149 Sheet.7150 Sheet.7151 Sheet.7152 Connector.6533 Sheet.7154 Connector.6536 Connector.6537 Sheet.7157 Sheet.7158 Sheet.7159 Sheet.7160 Sheet.7161 Sheet.7162 Sheet.7163 Sheet.7164 Sheet.7168 Motor Sheet.7204 Sheet.7205 M M Motor.7206 Sheet.7207 Sheet.7208 M M Motor.7209 Sheet.7210 Sheet.7211 M M Sheet.7212 Sheet.7213 Sheet.7214 Sheet.7215 Sheet.7216 Sheet.7217 Sheet.7218 Sheet.7219 Sheet.7220 Sheet.7221 Sheet.7222 Sheet.7223 Sheet.7224 Sheet.7225 Sheet.7226 Sheet.7227 Sheet.7228 Sheet.7229 Sheet.7230 Sheet.7231 Sheet.7232 Sheet.7233 Motor Controller Motor Controller Motor Controller Peripheral.3828 Gate Driver GateDriver Peripheral.3870 GPIO GPIO Dynamic connector Smart Gate Driver Smart Gate Driver Smart GateDriver Peripheral.7238 LDO LDO AMP.7240 AMP Sheet.7241 Sheet.7242 AMP ADC 2.7243 ADC ADC Sheet.7250 Peripheral.7253 SW Reg SW Reg Peripheral.7256 Gate Driver Gate Driver AMP.7258 AMP Sheet.7259 Sheet.7260 AMP Sheet.7261 Peripheral.7262 PWM PWM Peripheral.7263 SPI SPI Peripheral.7264 GPIO GPIO Peripheral.7265 INT INT ADC 2.7266 ADC ADC Peripheral.7267 GPIO GPIO Sheet.7268 Sheet.4378 Sheet.4427 Label Text 10pt.454 4 4 Sheet.4429 Sheet.7269 Sheet.4379 Sheet.4424 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.4426 Sheet.7271 Sheet.7272 Sheet.4380 Sheet.4421 Label Text 10pt.454 2 2 Sheet.7270 Sheet.4423 MCU 2 MCU MCU Peripheral.7277 PWM PWM ADC 2.7281 ADC ADC Peripheral.7282 GPIO GPIO Peripheral.7283 LDO LDO Non-Renesas Component.7284 SW SW Connector Arrow.7285
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